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More spots available for all groups due to an additional group!

 - week1 (17.6-21.6)        450€

 - 1 week   camp              525€ 

 - 2 weeks camp              1000€ (week price 500€)

 - 3 weeks camp              1470€ (week price 490€)

         week 1 + 1 week     950€

         week 1 + 2 weeks   1430€

For camps of four and five weeks we have a special price. If you are interested in this offer, please contact by email:

We also provide a discount for the second child

 Price include:    - 11h technique lessons on the ice/week

                              - 6h off-ice sessons/week

                              - 3h rotation lessons/week

                              - 5x45min dance classes/week

                              - 2 skating skills lessons on the ice with Adam Solya /week

Terms of payment  The registration fee is 50€. This amount is non-refundable. 

100% payment for the camp must be made 30 days before the start of the camp. We refund camp fees only in case of illness or injury with a doctor's certificate.

We provide the opportunity to pay for the camp in installments for participants of 3-5 weeks. To do this, please contact us in advance by email:


will be organized at the skating rink:

10 € / lunch for the children ander 12 y.o

12 € / lunch for the others skaters and guests.

lunch Includes hot food, salad, water and juice, tea and coffee. You can pay for a weekly lunch package on each first day of camp or daily directly in the cafe. 

The menu for the camp will be published here   


Adam Solya does choreography for skaters at the advanced novice level and above.

Please, register here in advance.

For all questions regarding choreography (selection of music, cost, etc.) please contact here:


Recommended session with harness is 15-20 min at a time. 

Price is 1€ / 1 min. 

Book here yor privet lesson: 

Majoitus / Accomodation
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